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Our Company

Pars Drilling Fluids (PDF) was established in 2002 as a private drilling fluids service company. Our organization is currently registered as an ‘Industrial Knowledge-Based’ company in Iran. We are proud to announce that our laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified which demonstrates our focus on quality assurance, technical capabilities and services. Our primary intent and vision is to act as a service company to provide Total Fluids Management. In order to be a service provider, PDF has adopted a service analogy in terms of emphasizing on continuous R&D, setting ties with technically capable companies, connecting the industry to academic intuitions and setting benchmarks for optimizing performance. Service is the corner stone of our organization, our clients’ challenges are our challenges, we provide viable solutions and recommendations and we do not believe in a short-term profit strategy.

Capabilities & Services

Drilling Fluids Engineering & Services


Specialty Chemicals & Products


Waste Management & Solids Control Services

Oil industry experts, managers and engineers work closely together to provide the following services:

Drilling Fluids Engineering & Service

Solids Control & Waste Management

Specialty Chemicals Production & Supply

Formation Damage Mitigation

Production Enhancement

Laboratory & QC Services

Training & Mud Schools

Research & Development


PDF has formulated a number of unique specialty chemicals which have been developed with the help of our R&D department. We have used our chemicals in the fields successfully and our clients have been very satisfied with the results. Our products have entered the approved vendor list of clients such as NIDC (National Iranian Drilling Company). The goal is to produce materials that reach optimal performance in order to increase drilling optimization and reduce costs.


PDF offers a wide range of solids control & waste management services to minimize generated waste and contaminated discharged cuttings during drilling operations.
We provide cost-effective and optimum solutions from environmentally acceptable procedures to achieve zero-discharge plans and improve fluids recovery. The outcome reduces operational costs and enables recycling.




HSE & QA departments have devised certain basic policies to outline broad standards of conduct in specific areas with high risk of company operations. Assessment and mitigation of risk is one of the most important functions to prevent incidents.
Seniors and Company Managers are responsible for implementing the more detailed procedures to ensure compliance of all personnel with these policies.

Specialty Chemicals & Products

PDF offers a wide range of chemicals for Water Based Mud, Oil Based Mud, Synthetic Based Mud, Completion and Work over fluids to meet drilling activity requirements. An internal evaluation procedure is in place to evaluate and select qualified local and international suppliers.
Our evaluation procedures are based on international standards such as API, OCMA and those established by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Other issues such as packing and labeling are also organized to increase visibility, coordination and safety.
Various materials can also be formulated to be applied to special applications. PDF is capable of supplying the complete package of drilling fluids materials.​

Res​earch & Development

We believe that research and development is a key element to continuous improvement. Our R&D department is interlinked from operations on the field sites to our engineering to develop tailor made specialty chemicals which result in optimized formulations.
The conclusion has been the innovation of a number of wide range Specialty Hi-Tech Chemicals, Fluid Systems and Waste Management Solutions.


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